In today’s world, having the right online presence is becoming increasingly important. Whether you are looking for more visibility for your business, want to generate more sales or simply want to present yourself better on the market, Google advertising campaigns will help you achieve your goals. With our performance-driven approach, we’ve helped a variety of clients optimize their advertising strategies, cut unnecessary ad spend, and generate dramatic revenue increases. We develop a customized and dynamic marketing strategy to meet your personal business goals.


Set up your website with SEO in a long-term future-oriented and sustainable way. The best way for more visibility, more traffic & more leads.

A/B Testing

We use A/B testing to ensure that only the best decisions are made for your marketing strategies.


Get to know your customers better to understand their behavior and optimize sales processes.


Effectively and efficiently bring back website visitors who did not convert.


We use specially developed tools to find the right keywords for your products. The key for successful advertisements.



In the age of search engines, it is essential to orientate and successfully position yourself in the web sector. We want to analyze, define and achieve your individual goals together with you. In doing so, we optimize the website structure, the content as well as the technical background. Our goal is always to increase sales in a cost-efficient way. Thereby the organic placement is in focus. We realize our goal with the help of software and data based analysis, where keywords, market and competitor analysis play an important role. In the end, it is of particular interest to us that you are positioned long-term and sustainably in the field of SEO.



No other form of advertising is as efficient as Google AdWords. The advertising tool makes it possible to place your website specifically at the top of the Google results list under certain search terms and generate more clicks and thus higher visitor numbers to your website through the privileged placement. The success of your Google ad comes from the use of specific keywords. The advantage is obvious: while conventional advertising appears unfiltered to users, AdWords ads are adapted to the potential customer's search query and offer them exactly what they are interested in.


360 Package

Depending on the customer and the goal of its strategy on Amazon. we set up targeted campaign structures that are either either on profitability, brand awareness, organic visibility or a mix of all. aims. On a monthly basis including regular regular performance reporting, we continuously optimize the campaign and provide our customers with full transparency about the use of the advertising advertising budget and the revenues generated. In regular meetings, further steps are then jointly are determined.



In the age of search engines, it is essential to orientate and successfully position yourself in the web sector. We want to analyze, define and achieve your individual goals together with you. The goal is to develop a common understanding of their design style. Our designs are perfectly suited for your industry to form the basis for your perfect website. With the right text and imagery, we'll turn your vision into digital success in no time.


Google Search Ads

Hardly any form of advertising is as efficient as Google AdWords. The advertising tool makes it possible to place your website at the top of the Google results list under specific search terms in a targeted manner and to generate more clicks and thus higher numbers of visitors to your website through privileged placement. The ads appear as a four-line text section above, below or to the right of the organic search results.


Display Ads

Unlike traditional Google search ads that appear in Google’s search results listings, we place your display ads within websites. The Display Network additionally offers you tools to create ads and assign them to interest categories. On the one hand, this promotes personalized advertising and, on the other, directly addresses potential customers. We help you to optimally align your ad budget via Google AdWords so that you pay the lowest amount for the highest number of clicks.


Google Shopping

Amaseo supports you in optimizing the “Shopping Feed” and thus increases the quality of the delivered results. The price comparison portal Google Shopping basically offers a strong marketing strategy to generate new customers and to bind them to your company in the long term. Via the Google Merchant Center, you can use Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to list your products, which appear sorted by relevance to users with the intention to buy.


Google Remarketing

Who doesn’t know the problem: website traffic is up, but sales are down. To gain more balance here and pick up even hesitant customers, clever remarketing is needed. As in any excellent advertising measure, empathy with potential customers is rewarded. On the Internet, there are often only fractions of a second between the decision to “stay or go” that determine whether the user becomes a customer or remains just a fleeting visitor.


Lead Generation

The possibilities of lead generation have changed over time. Nowadays, there is a lot of focus on digitalization. Newsletters, social media or direct marketing play an important role here. The classic cold call loses importance over time, as you can reach a much higher number of people with technical tools. Steer potential customers to your site with our help. It is important to define your target group and address them accordingly. In doing so, an analysis of customer behavior is important, because this will tell you what really appeals to your customers.

Google Case Studies



Who typically buys from your company?

Finance Department
Project Manager


The target group of B2B decision-makers varies widely across industries. Depending on the size and structure of the company, in some companies completely different people make a purchasing decision than in other companies. In addition, the decision-making structures also differ here. In the past, the purchasing decision in the B2B sector was still a “matter for the boss,” but in the meantime decisions are increasingly being strongly influenced by employees without a management function and are also increasingly being made themselves.

Often, it is not just one person who makes the decision, but a group decision made by various interest groups. Especially if purchasing is organized centrally and the pre-selection of alternatives is made from within the department, for example. Then the person who does the research on Google, i.e. makes the preselection, is not also the decision-maker for the actual purchase.


The margin in which SEA campaigns are profitable for your B2B company is correspondingly much higher: If the value of the actual (offline) conversion is several thousand euros, then a very high-quality lead generated via SEA can be worth as much as €150 – especially if a much larger market can be targeted with new regions or a new customer remains a partner of your company over a longer period of time (customer lifetime value).

In summary, it can be concluded that setting up and optimizing SEA campaigns can often be much more complex than in the B2C sector and, accordingly, your offers must be placed much more specifically.




What goals are you pursuing by using Google Ads B2B for your company? The answer to this question will help you to check the objective of your Kuden and also to check the feasibility.Basically, you can pursue similar objectives with your Google SEA campaigns in B2B as in B2C (lead generation, branding, long-term positioning, expansion into new locations, etc.).

A B2B example is a company that previously operated rather regionally. With the location targeting function of the SEA campaigns, it is possible to conquer completely new customer groups locally. For example, you know that your B2B company is hardly known in Lower Saxony so far, but there is great demand for your products there? Great, then you can raise the bids for this location. If you only have limited SEA budgets available, then it’s worth mirroring the existing campaigns and also textually adjusting the texts separately for specific regions in Germany. The advantage of the mirrored campaign is that it measures the performance of the individual region very transparently and that you can easily adjust the budgets for this region only. To do this, just copy the existing campaign and target it to Lower Saxony, for example a 60km radius around the city of Hannover. You do that directly under Edit Locations/Location, then you can specify a single location or a radius around a location.



Success measurement

One of the biggest challenges with Google SEA Ads for B2B companies, besides more complex business models and products, is that the number of “big” conversions, such as a purchase via the online store, is lower overall than in a B2C online store. Or there are no directly measurable online conversions at all. The question then arises, what should be optimized for and how do you optimize for a very low conversion level?

First of all, analyze the website and, in addition to the major conversions, define leads on the one hand and micro-conversions on the other, which can be helpful in generating the major conversions. This is time-consuming and more complex than for B2C stores, but ultimately rewards you and your company then in the medium to long term, because you optimize the SEA campaigns not only for clicks and visibility, but at many stages up to the actual conversion.

Ask yourself even now the question: when are the SEA campaigns successful for you and is there a CPO /CPL or ROAS value from which the campaigns are profitable? Depending on the size of the conversion, there are tight limits here or even a higher budget. If your advertising campaigns are well set up and a high number of generated contacts are used to buy a very high-priced service, for example, it is well worthwhile to have higher costs per completed and sent form request.




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